On Mechanization of Care Work: Perspectives of Ethics of Care

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Arundhati Dubey


This paper concerns the mechanization of care work in relation to the presence of “care deficit” in modern societies. It exposes the ramifications of complete mechanization of care work on the care giver, care receiver as well as the society at large from the lens of Ethics of Care. It is an undisputed fact that women have been catering to care needs in the society for over centuries and are subjected to injustice by virtue of it. But any understanding that ascertains mechanization of care as a means to better the condition of female care givers is based on an inadequate understanding of care. It reduces care tendered to a merely personal sentiment devoid of any rational and moral value. It conceives of care as a mechanical event and not a process involving moral and rational facets as well. I intend to subvert this position by analyzing care work through the perspective of Ethics of Care. I subsequently establish that even the most efficient technology cannot substitute for the humanly tendered care. However, the condition of women by virtue of tending to the care-needs cannot be overlooked. In the final sections of the paper I highlight how conceiving of care as a social and political good suggests concrete ways to address the situation of the care-givers alongside attending to the “care deficit” in the society.

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Dubey, A. . (2023). On Mechanization of Care Work: Perspectives of Ethics of Care. International Journal of Applied Ethics, 9(2321-2497). https://doi.org/10.51245/ijaethics.v9i1.2023.9