Women's Rights to Inheritance and Property Ownership in Islam

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Najmun Khatun


The primary purpose of this paper is to focus on women's rights of inheritance and property ownership in Islamic law or Sharia. Though a few women can hold their property ownership and possess the rights to inheritance in some Islamic cultures, the rest of the Muslim women are deprived of their economic rights. In this paper, I have tried to show that the Islamic texts – the Qur'an and the Hadīth do not discriminate between the rights of males and females. But in social practice, the scenario is different. Women's rights are violated in their own families, whether in their parents' or matrimonial houses.

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Khatun, N. . (2023). Women’s Rights to Inheritance and Property Ownership in Islam. International Journal of Applied Ethics, 9(2321-2497). https://doi.org/10.51245/ijaethics.v9i1.2023.37