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(ISSN: 2321-2497)
Ramanujan College
University of Delhi, Delhi - India

Aim : The International Journal of Applied Ethics (IJAE) is an annual peer-reviewed journal hosted by the Centre for Ethics and Values, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi, India. The very idea of Ethics and Morality is about how we should conduct ourselves in our everyday lives. Yet Philosophical Ethics tends to operate at a theoretical level that abstracts away from our day-to-day lives and the concrete issues we face therein. While such a theoretical approach to Ethics and Morality does indeed have its points of attraction and utility, it is not clear how we may conclude from its lessons about the specific situations and dilemmas of a moral nature that are faced not only by the common man in his everyday life but also by the likes of a businessman deliberating on possible business models, a lawmaker pondering over policy issues and their effects on the public, a doctor deciding on the most moral course of action in treating a patient, etc. The field of Applied Ethics attempts to fill this lacuna between the field of Philosophical Ethics and common practice. At IJAE, we believe that the true significance of any study in Ethics and Morality is borne by its bearing on real-life issues. Therefore, at IJAE, we aim to provide a forum for highlighting quality original research in Applied Ethics by publishing well-researched and well-argued papers from wide-ranging areas in any Applied Ethical field, including Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Ethics of Education, Ethics of Technology, Media Ethics, Medical Ethics, Research Ethics, and Ethical considerations in Social, Political, Legal, and Public Policy matters, etc.

Vol. 9

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